10 secrets to avoid fatigue during long flights between Luanda and Lisbon

Secrets to avoid fatigue during flights

Economy class flights can be very tiring and stressful. From carrying suitcases from home, standing in lines at the airport, traveling long hours flight in seats with limited space, with a seat neighbour who “steals” your arm rest, and having a child cry in the seat behind us.

If these scenarios sound familiar, we have good news for you. In this article we share 10 secrets to have a smoother and less tiring trip, even traveling in economy class.

1- Check in early

Don’t wait until you arrive at the airport to check in for your flight. As soon as the online checkin opens, normally 72 hours before the flight, do your check in, paying attention to the seat map, to choose or update your seat. If you get a window seat or aisle seat, the quality of your flight will be significantly better. Try to reserve a seat at the front of the plane (you will get off the plane faster). But if you can’t, reserve a spot in the wing where there’s less turbulence.

2- Wear comfortable clothing

Dressing comfortably is critical when traveling, especially if you are seated in the back of the plane. You’ll probably want to get some sleep during the flight, so wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible, while remaining presentable.

3- Travel pillow and eye mask

When we try to sleep on the plane, we rarely have a relaxing sleep. But with a few tricks, we can rest better. Wearing noise-cancelling headphones, choosing the ideal seat, using a good neck pillow and eye mask will go a long way towards getting better rest. Choose an eye mask made of silk, because it doesn’t dehydrate your eyes.

4- Drink lots of water

Buy a bottle of water after going through security at the airport, so you don’t depend on the water you may eventually get on the plane.

You will feel more energetic and fresh if you are hydrated during your trip.

5- Bring some snacks for the trip

We all agree that airplane food is not a great dining experience. Bring some of your favorite snacks to nibble on during the flight. Be careful not to disturb other passengers with strong-smelling food.

Have a meal 2 hours before your flight. To make sure you don’t get hungry right at the start of the flight.

6- Stock up on entertainment

Many airlines’ in-flight entertainment systems have outdated content, and it’s common for the one in our seat to malfunction.

So bring along some podcasts, movies and other videos or a good book. A tip for books, take the time (a few days ahead) to read the first chapter of the book you intend to take on the trip. It’s frustrating to have a dull and uninteresting book during such a long trip.

7- Get up and stretch your legs

Be seated  all the time during a long flight can be very uncomfortable, but it can also be detrimental to your health because it reduces blood circulation. Avoid this by walking around the hallways every now and then and stretching your arms and legs to maintain blood circulation.

8- Inform the flight attendant or person next to you that you want to sleep and do not want to be woken up for meals.

Fasten the seat belt over your jacket or blanket so assistants do not wake you up and see you are buckled up.

9- Do not drink alcohol during the flight

Drinking alcohol makes you more dehydrated and can make you feel dizzy when you reach your destination.

10- Request a Meet & Greet service

Meet & Greet services are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a relaxed trip. The Meet & greet company will pick you up from home, carry your luggage from home to check-in and receive your luggage at your destination to drop you off at your destination. For those traveling between Luanda and Lisbon, you can request this service from New Rayde. The service offers you the benefit of not having to wait in the check-in and immigration lines in Luanda and enjoying a lounge and personalized services in Lisbon.

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