Travel between Luanda and Lisbon as a VIP, even if you are not travelling in business class

Meet & Greet Services

The route between Portugal and Angola is very frequent in the Angolan and Portuguese community. The 7 hour flight between Luanda and Lisbon is exhausting especially, if you do it often. Unfortunately, the stress associated with a long-haul flight starts well before boarding the plane. Going to the airport with luggage, sometimes with family and facing traffic to arrive in time for check-in, can be a travel adventure on itself. On top of that, if we think of the numerous procedures for check-in, security controls at the airport, immigration and boarding queues, we can get to our seats already exhausted.

What if we told you that you don’t need to go through all that? What if someone could pick you up at home, before you trip, collect your luggage and ease all this exhausting process, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything? Seems too good to be true, right?

Have you ever heard of the travel Meet & Greet service? That is exactly what you need to enjoy a quiet trip with all the benefits listed above.

The purpose of the Meet & Greet service is to allow the start of a travel journey to be as soothing and exquisite as possible. There is nothing better than having a personal assistance, when you travel by airplane, that picks you up at home and escorts you throughout the airport until the aircraft door.

The Meet & Greet service in Luanda, starts with a luxury car picking you up at home or office, so you will not have to worry about transportation to the airport neither carrying your luggage. When at the airport, you will be taken care of as a VIP. You will not have to queue for check-in, security control, and immigration services, that are long processes and full of bureaucracy. You will wait for boarding your flight in a private Lounge, near the boarding gates, where you will relax before being escorted to the airplane door.

If you are travelling with departure from Luanda International Airport to anywhere in the world and would like to experience a relaxing and exquisite journey, contact New Rayde to request the service, even if you do not travel in business class.

New Rayde also offers this service departing from Lisbon Airport, with a pick-up service in a private luxury car, luggage and check-in assistance. You will enjoy the comfort of the New Rayde travel lounge, located 5 minutes from the airport, while waiting for your flight boarding time, and will escorted until the airport security controls.


To book New Rayde Meet & Greet services you can fill your details on the page For further information please contact us on +244 917 219 905 or email:

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