7 behaviors you shouldn’t have during a flight

Coisas a nao fazer no voo

Some American Airlines flight attendants, members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), shared some tips for what you should avoid doing onboard a flight.


1- Don’t go barefoot.

A very important point, passengers should never walk around the plane without shoes or socks.

2- Don’t take care of your personal hygiene while in your seat

Don’t brush your hair on the chair, floss your place, or trim your nails. This is also one of the reasons the commissioners recommend not going barefoot.

3- Don’t touch a flight attendant to call his attention

Flight attendants are often tapped on the shoulder and somewhere else when passengers want to get their attention. It may be innocently enough but it happens often and the commissioners feel their personal space invaded.

4- Do not ask a flight attendant to pick up your baggage.

Flight attendants are on the flight to help, but not to carry bags, especially if it is a heavy suitcase.

5- Don’t speak too loudly or play loudly

Be considerate of other passengers when it comes to noise. Playing music or video games without using headphones bothers other passengers.

6- Do not use the call button at inappropriate times.

Unless there is an emergency, do not use the button to call the flight attendants when the seat belt sign is on. If the pilot says, ‘We’re going to experience some turbulence and I’m going to put on the seat belt warning,’ don’t press the flight attendant’s call button because it’s not safe to stand.

7- Don’t wait until boarding to use the WC

If you will need to use the bathroom, do so before or after the flight takes off or lands.

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