Travelling to Angola during the Corona Virus outbreak? Follow these 7 tips

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The Angolan government issued the closure of Angola all international borders from 0:00 Hours of 20th March, for a period of 15 days. If you are outside Angola and need to return before the closure of the borders and interdiction of all international flights, do it in a safe way, so you don’t take chances of getting infected during your journey.

You are not at a higher risk of being infected in a commercial flight than you are in any other crowded place. In both cases you must be careful and follow some simple rules to avoid getting infected.

Following are 7 tips that can help you minimize the risk of infection during your flight:

  1. Buy Alcohol wipes to use them during the trip. Wipes with at least 60% alcohol can kills the virus.
  2. Clean or wash your hands frequently.
  3. Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose and mouth). During check in, immigration, security controls and placing your luggage on the overhead compartment, you will touch many surfaces that had been touched by many people just before you.
  1. Clean your seat. Airline companies are taking all the safety measures they can to keep airplanes clean and disinfected, however, you can’t be too cautious in this current situation. Use the wipes to clean you seat, table, screen, window (if applicable) and all the surrounding area that you will use during the flight. Don’t forget to clean your cell phone.
  1. Consider not eating during the flight. You often touch your mouth when eating. If your hands had touched any surface exposed to the virus, like the seat table, you shouldn’t take your hand to the mouth, or you are done. If your flight is relatively short consider not eating at all. If you are taking a long flight, avoid touching the table or food tray as much as you can, or bring your own snack to the plain.
  1. Change your seat. If you are seated next to someone that is constantly coughing or sneezing, ask the air crew to change to another seat. Make sure the person is using a mask.
  1. Use a mask if you are coughing or sneezing, to protect people around you. According to OMS and CDC, using a mask is not essential to avoid that healthy people get infected with the New Corona Virus. People that should wear a mask are the ones already sick and anyone that is accompanying them.

Remember, under any circumstance you should touch your face before cleaning or washing your hands.

Have a safe and healthy journey

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