What international flights are allowed in Angola during the COVID-19 outbreak?

New Rayde Angola COVID-19

Angola, like the majority of countries worldwide, is being severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a prevention measure against COVID-19, the Angolan government implemented flight interdictions on all commercial and private international flights to and from Angola.  

Nonetheless, there are some exemptions to this interdiction, to secure the entry of essential goods, equipment and to allow the repatriation of citizens.

Flights authorized to operate in Angola during the COVID-19 crisis are the following:

  • Cargo flights (that transport essential goods, food supplies, medical equipment and indispensable material)
  • Repatriation flights of national and international citizens to and from Angola.
  • Medical evacuation flights
  • Humanitarian flights

At New Rayde Flight Support, we continue committed in assisting our clients with our Flight Support Operations. During this unprecedented crisis, we position ourselves as a vital partner to secure the continuity of aviation operations in Angola.  Our staff in well prepared and highly equipped, with the recommended personal protection equipment, to comply with all Flight Support requirement demanded by the WHO and IATA.  

We wish that Angola and the world can overcome this crisis situation very soon.

New Rayde Angola team

Ground handling operations for a Cargo Flight
New Rayde Angola flight operations during COVID-19
Ground handling operations for a Cargo Flight
Ground handling operations for a Cargo Flight

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